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How to make a carbon boom go shorter.

This instruction is about how to make a carbon boom go shorter than original without reducing the maximum lenght. In this case a Pro Limit Team Carbon 140-190, 24.5mm, made by Aeron. With some booms, the end will slide in deeper but there are no more holes. So by adding holes, this boom can go […]

How to place footpads

Replacement pads for Witchcraft boards can be bought from our web shop. There are 2 types old (rounded) and new (squarer) in 2 sizes. Please make sure you order the right type. Peel off the old pad or use a cutter if it is stuck down too well. Remove any loose bits and rests of […]

Pre order your 2024 Witchcraft sails now to obtain 12%, 16% or 20% discount

    The allround Karma, the hard core Slayer or the blasting Elixir Witchcraft sails stand out for being powerful yet light and soft in the hands with a gradual power delivery and a locked in center of effort. You can rig smaller to have a lower weight, better handling and more durability. For 2024 we have […]


An update on this article as there has been some changes in the world tour. Since 2023 the PWA joined with the IWT and at the IWT contests also smaller brands with a smaller budget can enter. Plus now there are many more contests in different conditions and some of the new venues demand quite […]

Board cost break down

What are the differences between the Witchcraft SDT, CBC and HDD constructions? The HDD lasts longer and is more impact resistant but  CBC is lighter and SDT is cheaper, which can be tempting. So what makes sense when it comes down to invest your hard earned cash in a new board? Let´s have a look […]

How to tell from what Year a Witchcraft board is.

How to tell from which year a Witchcraft board is. As we do not work with different shapes or graphics each year, it can be hard to tell how old a Witchcraft board is. At times we get requests from people asking us for more info about a used Witchcraft for sale on the internet, […]

Testing, Testing

Testing, Testing Testing is off course essential for the development of equipment. First of all you need to go out sailing to get new ideas. And these new ideas will also have to be tested properly before they are sold to customers. But there can be big differences how, what, where and who does the […]

Those Small but Significant Differences Part 4: Mast boxes

Mast box constructions Today we are looking at different mast box constructions. Our standard mast box construction, the standard mast box construction of regular production boards and the construction of pre moulded carbon boxes into a PVC block. Forces The biggest force on a mast box is vertically from flat landings. Another force can be […]

Those Small but Significant Differences P3: Rails and Outline

This time some differences that are not so small and all the more significant. I often get asked why the rails on Witchcraft boards are quite a bit sharper than other brands. Then I ask why do they make them so round? Nobody really seems know. Maybe it is “because everybody does them like this” […]

Those Small But Significant Differences. Part 2: Dyneema (is not always Dyneema)

Our back yard is the North Shore of Fuerteventura where, within a 10 minute drive from our R&D centre, we can find many world class wave sailing conditions. We have spent over 25 years of testing in some of the toughest conditions you can find, repairing damaged boards and developed composites engineering techniques to perfect […]

Those Small But Significant Differences, Part 1: Fin Boxes

Our back yard is the North Shore of Fuerteventura where, within a 10 minute drive from our R&D centre, we can find many world class wave sailing conditions. We have spent over 25 years of testing in some of the toughest conditions you can find, repairing damaged boards and developed composites engineering techniques to perfect […]

Haka ST 90L – personal review

Haka ST 90L – personal review Haka ST 90L and Slayer 4.2m2 offshore Levante in Valdevaqueros – Tarifa   Last summer arrived my fresh Haka ST 90 liters. After one season I feel like wanting to share my personal opinion about it. I will not tell about the technical matters, but about what I feel […]

Still using flat windsurf sails? – the benefits of pre-shape

Witchcraft’s Bouke Becker talks about the benefits of using windsurf sails with a pre-cut shape and why generally this is better for your windsurfing. It’s also why Witchcraft sails are becoming ever more popular. Read on to find out more.

Prior preparation for more efficient windsurfing

Time on the water with windsurfing is key – especially if you don’t live in a Trade Wind location and/or you’re not close to your chosen launch. It makes sense to therefore make sure all the Is are dotted and Ts crossed in relation to your windy kit. What are we talking about? Read on […]

Witchcraft’s Bouke Becker on custom windsurf boards

With WC’s Bouke Becker possessing a wealth of shaping experience – having made custom windsurf boards for many sailors over the years – we thought we should revisit this topic for our latest article and see where custom’s at in 2019.

Windsurfing science: Witchcraft’s Bouke Becker answers the question ‘what is drive?’

We hear the term ‘drive’ being used regularly but what does it actually mean?

A few things windsurfing can teach us…

If you’re an enthusiastic windsurfer, committed to the cause, then you’ll have developed a certain way of being over the years. As part of something we can describe as ‘randomised’ our actions breeds specific behaviour patterns. Random because of a reliance on Mother Nature certainly has its unique set of frustrations but there are positives […]

Sea Twins (Tessa & Nikki Van der Meer) sizzling summer of windsurfing – Pozo youth competition reflections

Youth wave sailors Tessa and Nikki (aka Sea Twins) had an amazing summer competing on the PWA. In particular the Pozo event (Grana Canaria Wind & Waves Festival) saw the pair achieve notable success, as well as their overall windsurfing level increase. We caught up with the girls to see how it was.

Witchcraft knowledge – windsurfing tips, tricks and info to aid progression

Over the last few months any regular follower of this blog will have noticed a whole raft of info related articles about windsurfing and your progression within the sport. If you’re looking to push on with your skills and increase your knowledge then these posts have been designed to help. Unfortunately we’re aware that things […]

Wave sailing aspiration – pitfalls to avoid and tips for improving

As we head into autumn proper in the northern hemisphere it’s a time that traditionally signals waves and wind. For experienced windsurfers it’s the best time of year. If, however, you’re still contemplating the wave arena and making the leap then consider these pitfalls.

Which parameters to look at when deciding what size of a board, sail or fin(s) you need. A bit of theory.

It can be tricky to judge which size to choose when moving on to new kit. Board sizes are indicated in volume, fin sizes in cm (depth) and sail sizes in m². But is that correct? Not really and it’s not consistent either. Volumes and surfaces are hard to measure for correctness and we´ve seen […]

Windsurf weather – El Nino poised to come into effect for winter 2018/19?

As summer 2018 gives way to autumn and eventually winter there’s much debate about what type of low season we’ll get – especially among those of us who use the waters surrounding our lands for fun and frolics. Surfers, windsurfers and other sorts preoccupied with waves and wind will be watching and waiting keenly to […]

Witchcraft Windsurfing article round up August 2018 – what you might have missed

The beady eyed among you will be well aware of the regular articles we’ve been putting out. Covering all manner of windsurfing topics these posts are there to inform and if possible inspire. We’re also aware that some of you may have missed a few. So here’s a quick round up of what’s been going […]

Commitment – staying stoked on windsurfing

Windsurfing isn’t an easy sport that much is true. Yet it’s definitely fulfilling – if you commit! Whatever your level, be that beginner, intermediate, advanced or pro, commitment is key. Learning windsurfing’s fundamentals, progressing your skills, stomping a new move, scoring regular sessions, scoring a new spot and so on, commitment is required at every […]

The Witchcraft Way – Witchcraft’s windsurfing philosophy

In times where consumerism and instant gratification is booming we regularly get frowned eyebrows when we tell people the waiting list for a new Witchcraft board is 3 to 4 months. Being used to instant gratification buying something new makes them feel good and they want it right away. Many gadgets are just a few […]

Windsurfing kit considerations – a few points to think about before making a purchase

Choosing a brand new windsurf board or quiver of windsurfing sails is never easy. There’re so many options that riders can be blinded by everything on offer. It’s even worse if you’re still progressing through the ranks and trying to figure the sport out. There are, however, a few points to consider when looking for […]

Foils #2 – a 2018 snapshot of windfoiling and where it’s at currently

Pics: James Jagger We’ve talked about foils and windfoiling before yet with the topic still hot we thought we’d revisit and see where we’re at now compared to this time last year. As with our first windfoiling article we’re speaking with Windsurfing UK magazine’s Tez Plavenieks who’s been testing a raft of different foil gear […]

Flat water wave sailing drills for progressing sailors

If you’ve aspirations of shredding perfectly peeling waves, but haven’t quite got the necessary skills (yet), then there a few drills you can practice on flat water that’ll help no end. As any proficient rider knows muscle memory is everything so being able to repeat movements is key. Read on for how to ready yourself […]

Style and finesse – Yannick Anton Witchcraft team rider Q&A

Yannick Anton is no stranger to full on windsurfing conditions. A former PWA competitor, who’s abundant finesse and skill on the water always gets nods of approval, he’s stylish yet humble. We caught up with Yannick in between teaching sessions at his windsurf school and personal windsurfing time to get some more info. Tell us […]

Windsurfer A or B – which one are you when it comes to progression?

We’re all different and windsurf in our own way. Read the following and see which mould fits you and your riding.

Versatility incorporated – freeride/freewave windsurfing on wave gear

Pics: Geraint Roberts As many will know Witchcraft specialise in making high quality, hard wearing windsurfing equipment that stands up to the harshest of environments. Our home base of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, is a tough place to exist if you’re a windsurf board or sail – not just the strong sun but also rocky shorelines […]

Waiting, watching, learning: the importance of observation and windsurfing knowledge

In a recent magazine there’s a quote from a respected surfer in relation to one of Ireland’s most fearsome big wave spots: Mullaghmore. Mully, as it’s affectionately known, often makes lists for XXL ride of the year and worst wipeout, among others. A brutal slab of a wave this left hander can dish out beatings […]

The ‘evil tack’ – embracing windsurfing with wind from the opposite direction

As windsurfers we’re taught to be comfortable in both right and left mode from the off – if this wasn’t the case then we’d have no way of getting back to the beach, or in fact leaving it. It’s probable one of the few sports in the world where there’s necessity to be able to […]

Picture the scene – side shore waves vs side offshore waves

Two scenes, two distinct style of riding waves – which one do you associate with the most?

What windsurfers want…

What do windsurfers want? It’s a never ending list as you can see from the below. Here are some of what we want. All I want is 30 knots side shore. All I want is 20 knots side offshore.

A little boy learned how to windsurf – discovering what’s round the next corner

There was once a little boy who was bored at the beach. He went for a walk along the shore and eventually came across a funny sail and board contraption. The lady whose windsurfing kit it was came over and explained to the little boy how it worked. She offered to teach him how to […]

Will Ward – Witchcraft team rider Q&A

UK born Will Ward is a permanent resident on Fuertevnetura. With a unmistakable aggressive riding style his go for it approach is the perfect fit for Witchcraft. We caught up with Will to get the lowdown.

Strength analysis of Witchcraft sandwich composite boards – David Cadel compares heel area and bottom areas

Witchcraft boards are known for their strength but so far this was based on experience and not on calculations.  It is hard to know how high the forces on a board actually are when sailing but we can compare a board’s resistance against the most common failures. So we asked engineering student David Cadel from […]

Bouke knowledge – key quotes from Witchcraft’s head honcho

Witchcraft has been existence for a considerable amount of time with the brand’s helm – Bouke Becker – being a part of windsurfing for longer still. As such his knowledge and understanding of the industry, product manufacturing and all things windsurfing is unsurpassed. What follows are a bunch of key quotes from the man himself […]

Windsurfing fails – a tongue in cheek look at some windsurfing faux pars

As newbie windsurfers we’ve all had our fair share of faux pars when it comes to mishaps, either on land or on the water. Even us long in the tooth sailors can have some of the following occur still to this day – if we’re not paying attention. Here’s a tongue in cheek look at […]

History lesson briefs – key windsurfing moments that have got us where we are today

As most sailors will know there are a whole host of key moments through windsurfing’s colourful history that make it unique. This heritage and legacy is constantly being updated, after all time never stands still. Here are a few key events to refresh memories or give insight to those ne wto windsurfing. We’re sure there […]

Witchcraft windsurf sail witterings with John Blackwell

Pics: Richard Whitson and Ian Guthrie. John Blackwell is the UK importer/distributor for Witchcraft windsurfing sails and board sin the UK. He also helped with input during the conceptualisation and prototyping phase of Witchcraft’s Karma and Slayer sail range. We caught up with John to find out more.

Tackling BIG conditions – upping the ante with your windsurfing: tips to help you push on

Everyone loves an image or video edit of your fave windsurfer going big at spot XXX. As mesmerising as these stunts are they’re a world away from what the majority could achieve? Many of these riders are paid up pros with a large support crew behind them. In most instances he/she going large will have […]

Faking it – windsurfing in man made wave pools

You may have seen the footage of Kelly Slater’s Ranch wave pool recently, especially if you follow surfing as well as windsurfing. While man made surf installations aren’t new (Wave Garden and others have been around for ages) Kelly Slater’s version is possibly the dreamiest, most picture postcard version to date. Love it or hate […]

Wave sailing subtleties – the (main) differences between side on shore, side and side offshore riding

We often hear about the differences of onshore wave riding versus side shore. When talking side shore, however, there are nuances within these wind directions as well. For instance, as nice as side shore actually is to sail in, what about side offshore? Here we look at the slightly different way of approaching wave sailing […]

Beach breaks vs reef breaks – (generalised) differences from a windsurfing point of view

If you’re a wave sailor then you obviously have a love for riding waves – the clue’s in the name. But what type of surf break you sail at can be a factor, and how you approach things, across all your riding. Here on Fuerteventura, where Witchcraft is based, it’s mainly reefs that tend to […]

Team riders and their role as windsurfing brand/company ambassadors

Team riders. Supported athletes. Sponsored sailors. Whatever you want to call them there are a lot about. But what does it mean being labelled as such? In layman’s terms a team rider is somebody – man or woman, girl or boy – who is proactive and enthusiastic about a brand’s products or services. So much […]

Witchcraft windsurfing article roundup – what you may have missed

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Withcraft’s website and social media streams you may have noticed an increase in articles coming your way of late. We do appreciate that many of you are busy, however, and therefore may have missed some of these. So, nice types we are, here’s a roundup of the past […]

Tips to motivate – finding your windsurfing mojo

As great a sport as windsurfing is we appreciate it’s sometimes hard to keep the stoke and motivation going. If you’ve had a bad run of sessions, where conditions didn’t quiet line up, or you’ve been off the water for a period and the juice has stopped flowing then motivation is hard to come by. […]

Legendary style – (an non-extensive list of) windsurfers who fit the bill

There’s a lot of talk surrounding the term ‘style’ when windsurfing’s discussed. But what is style exactly and what makes a rider’s style good or bad? And what makes a stylish windsurfer legendary? Tricky points to discuss as ultimately style, and the legendary status of which, is down to opinion. Opinions, as we all know, […]

Flat water windsurf trickery – essential carving freestyle for improved sailing

As an aspiring windsurfer you’ll probably have been fixated upon the usual goals of: Turning (tacking, gybing) Harness and footstraps Carve gybes Chop hops The above skills are definitely ones to master but then what? Of course there are wave moves – big jumps and tweaked airs – but for many the upside down inverted […]

Prepping your high wind windsurf board for winter action

For many windsurfers craving ballistic winds and the biggest waves it’s winter that offers up these kinds of conditions. Summer may be sea breeze central, where everyman sailors can get a fix, but the off season is when those possessing the skills love to test their mettle – and not just pros either. For full […]

Bouke Becker – Witchcraft’s head honcho in the Q&A hot seat

Witchcraft Windsurfing’s founder, owner and shaper Bouke Becker gets put in the hot seat for this Q&A. Want to find out more about the Fuerteventura based windsurfing brand? Then read on…

Efficient footstrap setting for waves, freestyle and beyond

When windsurfers discovered the benefits of footsraps back in the 80s the door was literally broken down for all manner of aerial shenanigans, as well as more locked in feels that would benefit those who love a cranking carve.

Five windsurfing travel destinations to get your juices flowing

What’s not to love about a windsurf trip? Warm water, sunny weather with wind and waves in abundance (fingers crossed). But where to head? Here we run down a bunch of hot windsurfing destinations – some long standing, some new – to help guide you on your way to getting gone.

What connects all windsurfers – the bliss of blasting

Do you remember the first time you slotted feet into footstraps, felt your board lift and accelerate and before long were skimming across the water’s surface, grinning from ear to ear? It’s the very reason we’re all addicted to windsurfing and why we still keep coming back for more.

Witchcraft’s five (simple) windsurfing jumps to rock star status

Fancy being the stand out sailor at your local spot but don’t want your life insurance premiums to ramp up? Have no fear, here are five simple enough windsurfing jumping moves that can be performed across a wide range of conditions seeing you attain rock star status in no time.

Karma foiling – Windsurfing UK’s editor talks flying lessons

Windsurfing UK’s editor Tez Plavenieks recently tested Witchcraft’s Karma 5m for the magazine. Off the back of this he’s now playing with a 4.7m and 5.3m version. We recently spotted Tez getting to grips with wind foiling, both the 4.7m and 5.3m being used to good effect. Here at Witchcraft we may be known for […]

HDD constructions now offer 24 months guarantee!

Due to high demand it is now possible to order a semi custom board with a color change or custom deck graphics. Prices upon request. BTW, did you know that: Our CBC, FCBC, HDD and XHDD constructions offer the best strength to weight ratio technically possible. Even if you would be willing to pay more? […]

Internship 2017

For 2017 we have an internship placement available for coming engineers. One project is to do a full research on the total environmental impact of windsurf boards, comparing various production and construction methods including the new bio resins and foams. Also we have an internship available for web and social media marketing students.

Underwater sailtesting by Will Ward….

We´re putting our sails through the toughest tests…. Witchcraft Facebook page

Goiter By Will

A nice goiter by Will at Cotillo on the Slayer 4.7 and Wave V4 78. See the sequence on Facebook

New for 2015: CBC Construction

For 2015 we have added a 3rd construction, CBC (Custom Biaxial Carbon) since it was getting quite popular amongst our custom boards customers. Available on all production boards, CBC offers a lighter board with a good balance between weight, durability, impact resistance and nice crisp feeling (though not too stiff). CBC: Custom layed up Biaxial […]

Jonas Handekyn Belgian champion

Jonas Handekyn is belgian champion again. His fellow Witchcraft teamrider and former belgian champion Olivier Pas ended up in 4th place. Read more on Jonas´blog Jonas´ Blog

Probably the strongest RDM mast

Our new RDM mast extension is now available. We did not really have any ambition to start making accesories like this but started developing these out of frustration with breaking all available mast extensions and not getting any response of various reputed brands to make them stronger through various years. Click on the picture for […]

Fin research going new paths

I managed to source a tiny camera and mounted it with an aluminium profile at the back of the board about 5cm below the bottom. Here are some first stills of the 1.5 hour of video footage. Conditions were light wind float n ride at Puerto Lajas and a 2m wave. I tried to get […]

Shaman on test

The Shaman was tested by Windsurf in Tenerife, here is what they had to say: LOW-DOWN The Shaman is an all-new offering from Witchcraft for 2013. Designed specifically as an on-shore wave board, it shares design features from both the Chakra (FSW) and Wave (full-on wave) models. Available in a broad range of sizes in […]

Witchcraft Kids Wave

Julien, 10 years and Titou got their new custom board: 199 x 50, 50L. fins and straps adapted to their size but also with options to grow.

Testboard at solosports – Punta San Carlos

Solosports have just received a Witchcraft Wave 89 demo board for their customers to test. Solosports Punta San Carlos

Sick and Twisted

An article in: Windsurfer International

Windsurfer International on the Flextail

Windsurfer international did an article on the flex tail.

Bouke In Windsurfer International On Trifins

Windsurfer International did a feature on Tri fin waveboards and interviewed Michi Schweiger of Naish, Robby Swift of JP and Witchcraft Shaper Bouke.