Witchcraft Windsurfing article round up August 2018 – what you might have missed

August 20th, 2018

The beady eyed among you will be well aware of the regular articles we’ve been putting out. Covering all manner of windsurfing topics these posts are there to inform and if possible inspire. We’re also aware that some of you may have missed a few. So here’s a quick round up of what’s been going on.

The evil tack

Do you have preferred tack for windsurfing? Or do you find yourself performing on one side or the other? If so, you’re not on your own. It’s also the topic in the following article –

The ‘evil tack’ – embracing windsurfing with wind from the opposite direction

Watching, waiting

Sometimes sitting and watching, waiting and learning is the best way to get a grasp on new spots or in fact knowing more about your local windy hang out. If you’re a rush straight in type of sailor then this story’s worth a read –

Waiting, watching, learning: the importance of observation and windsurfing knowledge

Windsurfing’s versatility

Whether you own wave gear only or a combination of different equipment there’s no denying windsurfing kit these days is way more versatile than it ever was, as discussed in the following –

Versatility incorporated – freeride/freewave windsurfing on wave gear

Progression A or B

Which windsurfer do you subscribe to when talking about progression? Are you A or B? Have a read of the following and see which fits your mould the most –

Windsurfer A or B – which one are you when it comes to progression?

Yannick Anton Q&A

A smooth, stylish and progressive windsurfer Yannick Anton is certainly someone to watch on eth water if you get chance. If you can’t see the man in person then check out his pro rider profile –

Style and finesse – Yannick Anton Witchcraft team rider Q&A

Flat water skils

If you’re a progressing windsurfer, looking to get to that next level of windsurfing skill then here are a few flat water drills you can go through to help you on your way –

Flat water wave sailing drills for progressing sailors

Windfoiling #2

We’ve spoken about windfoiling before. With it being a hot topic, and something on many windsurfer’s minds, we thought we’d revisit and see where the discipline’s at currently –

Foils #2 – a 2018 snapshot of windfoiling and where it’s at currently

Windsurfing kit considerations

If you’re looking at getting hold of some spangly new windsurfing gear then here are a few points you might want to consider –

Windsurfing kit considerations – a few points to think about before making a purchase

The Witchcraft Way

Here at Witchcraft Windsurfing we do things in the best possible way we can. It mightn’t be like other brands but we’re confident it’s a method that works. Learn more about the Witchcraft Way here –

The Witchcraft Way – Witchcraft’s windsurfing philosophy

Are you committed?

Are you a committed windsurfer? In an age where sailors are forever pulled from pillar to post staying committed to the cause can be hard, as discussed in our latest article –

Commitment – staying stoked on windsurfing

Finally, if you have any suggestions for article topics then hit us up. We’re only too happy to hear from you.