Haka ST 90L – personal review

February 17th, 2020

Haka ST 90L – personal review

Haka ST 90L and Slayer 4.2m2 offshore Levante in Valdevaqueros – Tarifa


Last summer arrived my fresh Haka ST 90 liters. After one season I feel like wanting to share my personal opinion about it. I will not tell about the technical matters, but about what I feel on the water so give a personal feeling release.

Haka ST 90L and Karma 4.7m2 small waves in Canos de Meca.


My profile: I’m an experienced windsurfer and windsurf coach since 25 years on high skill level. I used to freestyle in combination with waves, so I windsurfed with freestyle boards 90-100 liters in waves for many years. The past 10-15 years I focused only on wave windsurfing on small and larger wave boards, with some remains of freestyle moves in between.

I weigh 76-77 kilograms and my height is 182 centimeters.

When I hesitate about what sails or board to use, I mostly choose for a smaller sail on a larger board, so the 90L had a lot of sessions in many conditions from 5.3m2 in very light wind, 4.7m2 light in larger waves 2,5 meters in Tenerife to even 3.7m2 gusty with small waves in Tarifa. I experienced a lot of different conditions on several spots.

Haka ST 90L and Slayer 3.7m2 in Bolonia


My general opinion and feeling: with the larger volume for a waveboard, 90 liters sounds a lot, but it works in so many conditions. The stability with 5 knots is difficult, but once you get 10-12 knots you can float and start to make some speed and height. Despite the pretty small fins, it starts planing extremely fast from 15-17 knots in combination with the powerful Karma 5.3m2 sail that gives an incredible push and a fast acceleration, so I can windsurf as fast as when the kiters start not losing their height. Giving pressure on the feet and pumping the Karma give an amazing energy shot! Sailing the Haka ST 90 liters in combination with 4.7m2 Karma and 4.2m2 Slayer with waves 1 – 2,5 meters always works incredibly good. In wind drops I just need to stand a little bit more straight above my gear to keep the planing. In stronger gusts it’s just the opposite, it never loses the calm and fast contact with the water. Side, of, on, strong and constant, gusty, any wind, … for jumping you just need to push a little bit, it easily accelerates so flying is a true pleasure on any wave size or direction. This is very important to me, because jumping is my number one thing. Same feeling for waveriding. Once you are used to the board and knows where and how many pressure to give, this board gives a boost in 1 meter waves to big and pushy waves in onshore wind. It turns smooth or fast down the line and is performant to take aerials and very aggressive short turns on any lip. Even when there are no waves, I like to sail around for performing my windsurfing lines towards the wind and downwind, and the Haka ST 90 liters give me an impressive upwind and downwind performance, especially with the small wave fins and in combination with the powerful Witchcraft sails. Working on my body positions give me the feeling of windsurfing in a slalom or race event, cruising and enjoying the sun or the scenery. And this exercise helps me out to perform better in the waves.


Haka ST 90L and Karma 5.3m2, choppy waves in Normandy


Any less points? I don’t feel the inspiration to take out with my older freestyle moves. Popping up and sliding are more difficult, but I don’t mind because I look for more waveriding and jumps. If you look for a more performant board with freestyle capacities, it’s better to take the Reaper or Ouija. When the wind is above 35 knots and pumping harder it still works pretty well, but I start to make mistakes and a smaller board is much better.

Haka ST 90L and 4.2m2 Slayer, powerful big waves in Wissant – France


Conclusion : Wauw! The 90 liters Haka ST is incredibly performant and ready to use in so many ways. It gives a lot of possibilities for windsurfers in flat, choppy, small and big waves.

I really love it and would like to let it try to everybody. Everybody that tried the board for so far, had the same feeling. It gives an impressive dimension towards comfort, fun and performance in windsurfing!


Fabrice Devos

Haka ST 90L and 4.2m2 Slayer Wissant – France