CNC Pretwist Black G10sizearea cm²Price
SIDE FIN / PAIR10.515294€
SIDE FIN / PAIR11.517798€
SIDE FIN / PAIR12.5200105€
SIDE FIN / PAIR13.5228131€
SIDE FIN / PAIR14.5262131€
CENTER FIN WAVE 12.510488€
CENTER FIN WAVE 14.012388€
CENTER FIN WAVE 15.514291€
CENTER FIN WAVE 18.5184101€
CENTER FIN WAVE 20.0210104€
CENTER FIN WAVE 22.0246114€

Please note that the side fins only work well for Witchcraft boards or boards with the side fin boxes placed under a 2° toe-in angle to provide the least drag and best turning behaviour. The correct toe-in angle is essential for fins to work properly. With a 2° angle there should be 6mm difference in distance between the Minituttle side fin boxes, measured between the fronts and the backs of the boxes. Click here for more info on the Witchcraft pre-twisted fin system