Witchcraft knowledge – windsurfing tips, tricks and info to aid progression

November 1st, 2018

Over the last few months any regular follower of this blog will have noticed a whole raft of info related articles about windsurfing and your progression within the sport. If you’re looking to push on with your skills and increase your knowledge then these posts have been designed to help.

Unfortunately we’re aware that things do get missed from time to time so here are links to these stories. If you have any suggestions for articles in the same vein then let us know.

If you want to nail some rockstar status with your windsurfing jumps then this is for you –

Witchcraft’s five (simple) windsurfing jumps to rock star status

Footstraps and their positional setting are often overlooked yet can make a big difference. Get the info here –

Efficient footstrap setting for waves, freestyle and beyond

If you want to improve your general wave sailing then there are a bunch of flat water drills you can employ to help –

Flat water windsurf trickery – essential carving freestyle for improved sailing

Advice to help you push on when bigger conditions come into the mix –

Flat water windsurf trickery – essential carving freestyle for improved sailing

There are a whole bunch of wave sailing arena nuances to get your head round. Here’s a brief description of the main ones –

Wave sailing subtleties – the (main) differences between side on shore, side and side offshore riding

Watching, waiting and learning; essential skills for budding wave sailors and windsurfers in general –

Waiting, watching, learning: the importance of observation and windsurfing knowledge

Prefer one tack over the other? Why not embrace ‘the other side’ and make yoru windsurfing more rounded –

The ‘evil tack’ – embracing windsurfing with wind from the opposite direction

Side shore versus side offshore waves; the differences –

Picture the scene – side shore waves vs side offshore waves

Common pitfalls to avoid when wave sailing –

Wave sailing aspiration – pitfalls to avoid and tips for improving

Need some new gear? Here’s what to consider first –

Which parameters to look at when deciding what size of a board, sail or fin(s) you need. A bit of theory.