Witchcraft’s five (simple) windsurfing jumps to rock star status

July 19th, 2017

Fancy being the stand out sailor at your local spot but don’t want your life insurance premiums to ramp up? Have no fear, here are five simple enough windsurfing jumping moves that can be performed across a wide range of conditions seeing you attain rock star status in no time.

Rocket air

Going big with your windsurfing jumps is all about desire. Of course there’s an element of skill needed – it’s no good heading stratospheric without necessary pre-flight fundamentals in place. Being able to take off efficiently, control your kit and touch down without crashing (too much) will put you in the mind’s eye of any sailor or spectator watching from afar. You’ve then got to want it – like, really want it! Going ballistic is a want not a need. Searching out the steepest ramp, when the wind machine’s dialled up to 11, will all come from the individual sailor.

Andy Wolff big air

In terms of technique rocket airs are pretty easy in theory. Just don’t look down!

Rail/tail grab

Sailing along and taking one hand off the boom is another simple skill to have in your bag of tricks. For added style points reaching for your rail or tail delivers an added dollop of steez. Riders will need to be comfortable boosting while hooked in, then it’s simply a case of letting go. Once that part’s complete tuck your legs up and grab it!

Perform whilst passing other sailors or heading towards a crowd beach for maximum respect.

No handed

If you can take one hand off then why not remove both. Scary at first, as with one handed jumps and rail/tail grabs, no handed pop offs are simple to get used to. Our tip is not boost as high during first attempts, and make sure your harness lines are balanced – there’s nothing worse than letting go and have your rig belt your round the front unexpectedly.

One handed

With a few attempts the no handed jump can be easily achieved. Next step is taking it higher…

Table top

Table tops are a step up, in terms of technical difficulty, from the above. We’re sure you’ve seen the super tweaked style that many of the pros (and some amateurs) bust out. This level will take time to master. Simple donkey kicks are a quick win, however, as you slowly build up to the bona fide table top.

Secrets of this move’s success are having fluid hands on the boom. As you boost skyward a more boned out table top will be achieved if you move your hands along the boom towards the mast. As you get better you may even take a hand off.

Bouke Becker table top


Forward loops are without doubt THE most crowd pleasing jump. They’re also extremely fulfilling for riders and not that technically difficult (or life threatening) as perceptions would suggest. A go for it, determined attitude, and understanding of the move will see you well on the way to looping nirvana.

Forward loops aren’t so much inverted as they are a sideways rotation. Obviously you can go ballistic and try endos (once you have the basic spin loop down pat), but realise this can snap boards if landed badly. For most forwards can be learnt off chop, without huge amounts of height. As long as you commit, don’t let go of your boom, all you get is a few back slaps before you start nailing it.

Forward looping Andy Wolff

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to start dialling up your jumping. Try one or more of the above and we’re sure your sailing will get a much needed boost whilst propelling you into the realms of local legend.