Board user manual

The straps supplied are 1 symmetrical back strap and 2 asymmetrical front straps.

The front straps are mounted with the logo readable inward.

Each strap is mounted with 4 screws and 2 plates.
The plates are mounted with the edge upward so they don´t cut the webbing.
The holes in the plates are positioned slightly asymmetrical so the opening of the strap can be adjusted in width.

The screws to use are stainless steel 4.8mm to 5mm x 25mm long. Use a philips P2 screw driver. Make sure the straps is fully tight on the board, the pad can be squashed down.

The side fins are pre twisted asymmetrical fins, the logo goes on the outside. Here a picture with how it should look like:

The screws for the side fins are stainless steel M6x30mm. Use a philips P3 screw driver.

The airvalve is the 4.8x25mm counter sunk screw.
It does not need a rubber ring to close, due to the conical shape of the head it seals off by itself.
Use a philips P2 screw driver.

It is the customers responsibility to operate the airvalve according to the conditions, the valve should be opened when flying and at temperatures over 50°C.
Temperatures over 80°C should be avoided at all times. Do not put it in the sun out of the wind and do not use board bags with a dark side to the sun.

Please also check: Series Guarantee conditions and Custom Guarantee conditions