Commitment – staying stoked on windsurfing

August 7th, 2018

Windsurfing isn’t an easy sport that much is true. Yet it’s definitely fulfilling – if you commit! Whatever your level, be that beginner, intermediate, advanced or pro, commitment is key. Learning windsurfing’s fundamentals, progressing your skills, stomping a new move, scoring regular sessions, scoring a new spot and so on, commitment is required at every level and in everything you do windsurfing wise.

It’s tiring sometimes, we’ll give you that. Committed scouring of forecasts for instance can become waring if you’re presented with a never ending stream of no wind days. The flip can also be true. Weeks of full power conditions can also be stressful. Can I get out today? Will tomorrow be slightly better? Is there a more efficient wind angle two days from now for spot X? I’m absolutely shattered but I should be making use of every given windy opportunity – shouldn’t I?

And then if equipment should fail/break, yet your desire to windsurf is still there, then a financial commitment will be needed to outlay for new gear. In fact, if you own equipment then this parting of readies will have happened already. You’ll have committed to a path that can be a drain on finances.


As you can see, wherever you look within windsurfing commitment is needed. Managing expectations is a way to keep the juices flowing, however. Otherwise there’s a risk of burning out. Overcommited individuals have, and do, fall by the wayside, which is understandable. Keeping the fire burning for the long haul is a skill in itself.


You also have to take into account that general life stuff often will get in the way of your windsurfing commitment. For those living in locations with irregular breeze activity hanging on to optimistic outlooks only to then have your plans dashed at the last hurdle when a decent forecast does pop up is excruciating. Yet stick with the commitment and it’ll eventually all come good. Every dog has their day as the saying goes.


Ultimately commitment comes down to energy and how much of that you’re prepared to pour into your sport. One way to keep up those energy (or stoke) levels is to try different aspects of windsurfing. Even if you’re a full power wave head then it can’t hurt to bust out the longboard and head off for a coastal sojourn. Another way to keep those windsurfing energy levels high – especially in the face of no wind – is to encourage others into the sport and pass your valuable knowledge on. Helping others learn and giving the gift of windsurfing stoke can be as rewarding/fulfilling as sailing yourself. Plus, you’ll still be surrounded by those familiar bits of kit, immersed in the ocean and enjoying the outdoors – no bad thing!

Let us know how you stay committed to windsurfing and the tools you use to remain stoke don sailing.