The Elixir is a camless and monofilmless freeride/freerace sail. With 3 tube battens, a decent amount of seam shaping and an inset clew, the Elixir provides for a huge wind range. Set deep you can rig smaller than comparable sails but when the wind picks up, the draft stays beautifully locked in.

Completely monofilm free, the Elixir has lighter scrims higher up and along the leach with the high tension areas made with a thicker UD Kevlar X-ply so the sail will keep its crisp feeling for a long time. Like with all Witchcraft sails all seams are aligned along the stress lines, overlapping batten pockets and a stronger double sided tape enhance its lifespan even more.


Model 2021size**Compare toluff*Recommended BroomstickAlternative Broomstick or constant flex mastboom*weight*R.R.P.
Elixir6.66.8458-460430460 top + 430 base176-1844.1811€
Elixir7.27.4470-473460460 top + 430 base186-1944.4833€