The Karma is our 5 batten all-round power wave-on shore wave-Bump & Jump sail.

The Karma was designed along with the Slayer to be a more all-round sail for a wider range of use. The wind range is bigger than that of the Slayer due to 5 battens, supported by a dacron and PVC free construction with extensive use of X-ply with uni directional Kevlar fibers along the stress lines, giving a very stable sail to offer the biggest windrange.
The pre-shape in the sails gives both a lot of grunt in lighter winds plus a more stable shape in higher winds. The amount of pre shape increases a bit each size up. This make the bigger sizes extremely effective so you can rig 0.2 to 0.6 m² smaller. The smaller sizes offer a lot of stability and control in high winds. See the specs chart to compare the power. Depending on the setting, the Karma can be set very full with a smooth power delivery or more direct and crisp.

Special features:
-Load path orientated panel and fibre bias lay out to resist stretch from poundings, for maximum longevity and crisp feeling. The high load panels have unidirectional Kevlar fibres to reduce stretch even more

-All seams are straight and load path orientated so they actually work like tendons.

-Load path orientated film thickness. Puncture resistance is proportional to film thickness. Thick where it needs to be, lighter where it can.

-Overlapping panels radiating out from the tack and clew. In the tack 3 overlapping panels, in the clew 5. Lighter, stronger and more direct since the main reinforcement is built from the panels themselves and do not have to be stitched on top.

-No PVC window or Dacron for a more locked in shape.

-Overlapping batten pockets for a symmetrical sail shape, less stretch and higher strength.

-Medium high draft placement for a bigger wind range and lighter feel.

-2 clew eyelets offering 3 positions: middle, top or bottom.

-Water and UV resistant very high tack seam tape. Essential for durability.

-Excellent repairability. Just in case. Rocks, harness hooks or board noses are still harder than sails.

Choose the Karma for a more all-round wave sail, more powered up sailing, on shore, B&J, flat water or heavy weights. Choose the Slayer if side shore wave riding has your priority.

The Karma works best paired with our Chakra, Shaman, Haka, Reaper or Wave V5 boards.

 “Smoothly does it”. Read the test of the Karma 5.0 by Windsurfing UK

Nestor on the Karma 3.3 and 3.7 in Pozo


Model 2023size**Compare toluff*Recommended BroomstickAlternative Broomstick or constant flex mastboom*weight*R.R.P. in €
Karma2.92.9320-326 (vario)310340130-1372.8730
Karma3.33.3350-352 (vario)340340135-1422.9746
Karma3.73.8364-366 (vario)370 top + 340 base370138-1463763
Karma4.04.2373-375370 top + 340 base370140-1483777
Karma4.54.8402-404400 top + 370 base400147-1553.2808
Karma5.35.7427-429400430 top + 400 base159-1683.5845
Karma5.66.0440-443430 top + 400 base430164-1743.6856
Karma6.26.6456-459430460 top + 430 base178-1883.8898
Karma6.56.9460-462430460 top + 430 base183-1933.9920

*no garantee of accuracy

**Due to the efficient higher aspect ratio and semi rotational sail design with pre shape, the sails should be rigged from 0.1 m² smaller on the smaller sizes to 0.5 m² smaller on the bigger sizes.  The weights are to be compared accordingly. The 5.6 should be compared to a 6.0 of other brands as they will deliver the same power. A 5.6 with the same weight as a 6.0 will still feel lighter and provide better handling due to lower swing weights and smaller dimensions which can be leaned into a turn better and the power can move about even less.
*** 2.9 and 3.3 are 4 battens and a mix between Karma and Slayer
The Slayer and Karma work best on masts with a bend curve of 13 to 15 which is contant curve but on the flex top side. See for bend curves this table: https://www.peterman.dk/masts-all-imcs01.htm The number to look at for the bend curve is the 3rd from the right: