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Wave V5Sideshore Wave
ModelVolumelengthwidthTailwidth OFOconstructionweight SDTweight CBCweight HDDPretwist CNC Fins G10 SDTPretwist CNC Fins G10 ProSail rangeSDTCBCHDD
Wave V5632111508317SDT/CBC/HDD5.75.46.010,5+14.010.5+12.52.8-4.52,566 €2,822 €2,822 €
Wave V5672142518321SDT/CBC/HDD5.95.66.210,5+15.511.5+12,53.0-4.72,585 €2,844 €2,844 €
Wave V5712171528325SDT/CBC/HDD6.05.76.311,5+15,511.5+12,53.0-5.02,605 €2,865 €2,865 €
Wave V5742196538329SDT/CBC/HDD6.25.96.511,5+15,512.5+14.03.2-5.02,619 €2,881 €2,881 €
Wave V5772219546332SDT/CBC/HDD6.36.06.611,5+15,512.5+14.03.2-5.02,634 €2,897 €2,897 €
Wave V5802241555335SDT/CBC/HDD6.46.16.712,5+15,512.5+14.03.5-5.22,648 €2,913 €2,913 €
Wave V5832249568343SDT/CBC/HDD6.56.26.813,5+15,512.5+14.04.0-5.32,663 €2,929 €2,929 €
Wave V5862262578348SDT/CBC/HDD6.66.37.013,5+15,513.5+14,04.0-5.52,678 €2,945 €2,945 €
Wave V5892279588352SDT/CBC/HDD6.86.47.113,5+15,513.5+14,04.2-5.62,692 €2,962 €2,962 €
Wave V5922294598357SDT/CBC/HDD6.96.57.213,5+17.013.5+15.54.2-5.62,707 €2,978 €2,978 €
Wave V5952310607361SDT/CBC/HDD7.06.77.414,5+17,013.5+15.54.2-5,72,722 €2,994 €2,994 €
Wave V5992339617365SDT/CBC/HDD7.26.87.514,5+17,014.5+15.54.2-5,72,741 €3,015 €3,015 €
Wave V51042369629373SDT/CBC/HDD7.47.07.714,5+18.514.5+15.54.2-5,82,765 €3,042 €3,042 €
Wave V51102394644380SDT/CBC/HDD7.67.28.014,5+18.514.5+17.04.5-6,02,795 €3,074 €3,074 €
Wave V51172432662387SDT/CBC/HDD7.97.58.314.5+20.014.5+17.04.7-6,22,829 €3,112 €3,112 €