Pre order your 2024 Witchcraft sails now to obtain 12%, 16% or 20% discount

August 11th, 2023

    The allround Karma, the hard core Slayer or the blasting Elixir

Witchcraft sails stand out for being powerful yet light and soft in the hands with a gradual power delivery and a locked in center of effort. You can rig smaller to have a lower weight, better handling and more durability.
For 2024 we have reworked the smaller sizes to have a bigger windrange and more stability. We have reduced top weight a little more.
Like usual, we offer for each sail type 2 standard colors. See below.

However, new for 2024 is the possibility to pre order sails in custom colors with an extra cost of 30€ per sail. See the possible color schemes below. Total custom colors is also possible on request with a cost of 50€ per sail. Let us know your ideas and we can see what is possible.

There is also the possibility to chose between heavy duty 4 mil Kevlar scrim, 2.5 medium duty scrim or 2mil light duty scrim. Please note that not all colors are available in all qualities. For the Slayer the 4mil Kevlar scrim will be chosen as standard, for the Karma and Elixir, the 2.5 and 2mil.

When pre-ordering sails before 31st of August 2023 you get 12% on 1 sail, 16% on 2 sails and 20% on 3 sails or more.

Delivery march 2024
To order, please contact us via email