Five windsurfing travel destinations to get your juices flowing

July 31st, 2017

What’s not to love about a windsurf trip? Warm water, sunny weather with wind and waves in abundance (fingers crossed). But where to head? Here we run down a bunch of hot windsurfing destinations – some long standing, some new – to help guide you on your way to getting gone.


Le Morne Bay located on the southern tip of Mauritius is heaven on Earth for all kinds of windsurfer. A flat water lagoon on the inside giving access to small/medium waves a few hundred yards out before hitting the legendary Manawa. The beauty of this wave is for all its size and foreboding it remains pretty fat, when compared to other spots at least. This makes it doable for any rider with experience. For those who like it gnarlier then the infamous One Eye sits to the right. A fearsome reef break that serves up beatings and blissful rides alike it’s a proving ground for many a budding shredder.



Known as the Hawaii of the Med Sardinia is the epitome of variety. With the epic Capu Mannu point break nestling on the island’s western flank Sardinia could potentially deliver the wave of your life with the right forecast. But if doing battle with Neptune’s Revenge isn’t your thing the ever popular Porto Pollo to the north is great for blasting and freestyle antics. For riders with a taste for adventure the island offers plenty more launch options to discover – get on your horse and saddle up!

Cape Verde

In some ways similar to the Canary Islands while in others a world away. Cape Verde was put on the map by the legendary Maui ripper Josh Angulo. Seeing Josh charge heavy Ponta Preta sold CV as a PWA event site. There followed a legendary comp in 2010 which saw epic conditions for the gathering pros. These days CV still attracts those fancying a shot at Ponta with a bunch of other spots available not too far away. The island’s beauty is that within a short distance sailors can find cranking waves and idyllic flat water conditions aplenty, making it suitable for intermediate riders and up.


Sidi Kaouki Morocco

Surfers have long visited Morocco for the countries awesome right hand point break delights. More recently windies have been getting in on the act with Essaouira and neighbouring Moulay being the main attractions. Local dreadlocked hotshot and insane jumper Boujmaa Guilloul has helped catapult the area into windsurfer’s consciousness, this part of Moroc having played host to the International Windsurfing Tour on a few occasions. With its unique culture and consistent conditions Morocco is certainly one tick off your bucket list if you get chance.

And not forgetting further south you have the Witchcraft rental centre at Sidi Kaouki which gets slightly smaller waves but a lot cleaner. Check ‘em out at –



We couldn’t leave our home spot out of this article. Fuerte may have be a long established location but it still holds favour, which isn’t hard to see why. Want epic wave sailing? Tick! Fancy a spot of bump and jump action? Tick. Looking for a bit of freestyle during your visit? Tick. How about checking out the pros during their annual visit in summer? Tick. Whatever type of windsurfing you’re into you’ll find something to suit here on ‘the Rock’. The north generally has the lion’s share of wave activity whereas down south sees flatter water conditions. And did we mention this is where you’ll find Witchcraft HQ, test/demo centre and shaping house? For visiting windsurfers we stock a packed rack of sails and boards that’ll suit all levels. Be sure to hit us up if you visit!

These are just a few of the awesome windsurfing locations available. Check out more online by having a nose round Google. Who knows what you might discover.