Probably the strongest RDM mast

May 13th, 2013

Our new RDM mast extension is now available. We did not really have any ambition to start making accesories like this but started developing these out of frustration with breaking all available mast extensions and not getting any response of various reputed brands to make them stronger through various years. Click on the picture for more info. More pictures on Facebook

So in the end we found our mast manufacturer MaverX willing to make a full 100% prepreg carbon tube according to my specs.
Key features and improvements:
-Thicker diameter with a tighter fit inside the mast: -Stronger, less point load.
Thicker wall.
-Holes turned 90° to give max strength against waves dumping in the sail.
-Reduced max length to 32cm
-Full 100% carbon prepreg made out of high quality carbon in Europe
-Chinook base with pin system. A proven and very well thought through design.
EVA top bung sealing the inside of the mast to prevent sand causing the extension getting stuck.

Retail price 235 euros with 2 years garantee.
Available to mail order from Witchcraft Fuerte or for the UK and Ireland from the MaverX distributor More pictures on Facebook