Bouke Becker • 1987



The first Witchcraft boards were made on the Dutch Northsea island Terschelling by Gossen Doeksen and Bouke Becker .In 1985 they started shaping and constructing boards as a hobby for themselves and friends.They were experimenting a lot ;bottom-laminates were ripped off ,reshaped and retested. Flextails, carbon, kevlar, and sandwich-constructions and even hollow wooden boards were designed.

In 1993 Bouke moved to Fuerteventura where he started his own workshop for board and sailrepairs and a small shop for high quality hardware, in between the repairs he worked on shapes and constructions.When he met a German engineer who worked with Dyneema® fibre for army helmets and told him that this could be an ideal material for windsurfboards,he also started experimenting with this superstrong fibre.

He found that this material was quite tricky to work with but after a few disappointments he managed to solve most of the problems. Soon after Fuerte-based English wavechampion and notorious board destroyer Corky Kirkham joined the team and the last weak spots in the construction were solved. Soon the boards became known as indestructible among the locals. The fact remains that not one Heavy Duty Dyneema® board has been snapped so far, apart from one 6 year old board. This left Corky a bit frustrated because he lost his reputation as a board-destroyer which he was so proud of.

Over the years Witchcraft has seen a continuesly growing demand and has continuesly been developing their shapes and constructions. This has led to the invention of our progressive rail and to the development of our Trifin amongst others. Also all other details have been reworked and redesigned over the years to create the Waveboards with probably the best all over performance in the world.

In 2004 Witchcraft has moved into their newly built factory on the main road in Lajares, right in the centre of the famous north shore of Fuerteventura.

For 2007 Witchcraft has started bringing out their own range of production waveboards, the Witchcraft Series.