General philosophy

Equipment does not break when there is no wind



Our philosophy is to make high quality, durable windsurf boards and other components. We are windsurf junkies and we´ve always hated it if a session is ruined by unnecessary equipment failure. Also just the knowledge your kit can handle a beating gives a better feeling on the water.

Besides that also functionality and repair ability are important issues. The bottoms and rails are simply plain white and noses as well where possible. The deck graphics are hand painted, not stickers. Double screwed foot straps, HD inserts. A short tough mast box that weighs 77gr. Ergonomically pre shaped wider straps.

Off course the weights have to stay within limits and we offer different constructions since not everyone needs a heavy duty board. We offer the best strength/weight ratios.

It is also a simple case of doing some maths. How much we spend on windsurfing, including a vehicle, fuel, travels, time off work and anything else. This is an investment in the feeling we get when we are on the water. Sometimes we have to wait a long time for wind and are desperate for a fix. So any time on the water we lose due to equipment failure, is costly and frustrating.

Considering the higher durability and higher resale value, this translates into the best ROI (Return On Investment).

We also believe in using technology and science to improve the shapes and constructions. We are using Computer fluid dynamics to improve the drag and behaviour of the fins and shapes. Infinite elements to simulate the forces on a board. Underwater camera, Go Pros and a GPS with heighth, spin rate and G-force sensors to check our findings. After all, windsurfing is all about physics and using physical laws. The result however, the feeling we get when flying over the waves, is just magic…..

Windsurfing is like being a dolphin and bird at the same time, an incredible feeling, we just need equipment to achieve this, to give us wings and fins. And where dolphins and birds have had millions of years of evolution to become pure perfection, we have sped up the evolution of our windsurf gear using science and intuition to create magic for you. Truly Witchcraft!