Witchcraft windsurfing article roundup – what you may have missed

October 9th, 2017

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Withcraft’s website and social media streams you may have noticed an increase in articles coming your way of late. We do appreciate that many of you are busy, however, and therefore may have missed some of these. So, nice types we are, here’s a roundup of the past few months’ stories. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the blog for further updates moving forwards.

We can’t start any round up without mentioning the insightful Q&A published featuring Witchcraft’s head honcho Bouke. If you’re looking for some info behind the brand then hit up the interview for some interesting titbits –


With the European windy/wave season now upon us some of you maybe looking for ways to spice up your sailing. Check out some of the suggestions in this article, proving you don’t have to total yourself to achieve a decent jumping level –


Moving on from the above; if high altitude trickery doesn’t float your boat then what about bringing it back down to Earth for some flat water tomfoolery? –



You’ll need to make sure your windsurfing gear’s prep’d and ready for action this autumn/winter. If you’ve yet to give kit a once over then have a look at this article for some advice of what to keep eyes peeled for –


And don’t forget! If you’re after some new season sails then be sure to hit up Witchcraft’s awesome offer – details of which can be found here –


Stay tuned for more on the Witchcraft blog. If you have any suggestions of articles you’d like to see then give us a holla! Stay salty…