The Slayer is a 4 batten wave sail. 

The Slayer was born for wave sailing and riding. It is quite unique with a morphing seam shape through the range, with each size up, seam shape increases slightly to allow you to take a smaller big size. Where the smaller sizes are flatter to handle high winds better.  Seam shape increases the windrange, it gives more low end power but also stabilizes the shape at the top end. The dacron luff panel and PVC window gives a softer feel with the ability to go neutral allowing the rider to concentrate on the wave and not the sail.  The aspect ratio has been increased on the bigger sizes to keep the boom shorter and gives more room to maneouvre the sail, allowing to make tighter turns and get closer to the lip. As luff length is more important than plain area, higher aspect sails are more efficient so you can rig around 0.3 to 0.5m² smaller than with other brands.
Like where motocross has moved away from the more direct but also nervous 2 stroke engines to 4 stroke engines, we wanted the sails power delivery to be very dependable to be able to concentrate on the wave. In it´s fuller setting, the power delivery is very smooth, it is very easy to dose the power. Set flatter, it becomes a little more direct, yet still pretty soft and stable.

And as you would expect from Witchcraft, the sail is built to handle getting washed by waves, without ripping or overstretching and loosing it´s crisp feel. A well built sail that keeps it´s shape feels lighter than a physical light sail that is over stretched.

The Slayer is best paired with the more dedicated wave boards like our Wave, Haka or Reaper or similar boards from other brands.

Windsurf Journal (Germany) on the Slayer 5.0 2017:

“The rigging range of the Slayer is very variable, it always requires some downhaul but it can be sailed pretty full but also flatter. The deep shape gives the Slayer a lot of drive to get planing early. It´s softer character helps when sailing through chop or also bigger waves. The control at the top end is wunderfull in the flatter setting but it likes to be adjusted at the boom a bit as well, then it can deliver a lot of fun for demanding sailors. It can be leaned into the turn quickly, offers drive but also can be neutralised.”

“Summary: The Slayer is a really good sail, which can claim to be included in the elite circle of the absolute allround 4 batten sails. Even if the Slayer does not reach absolute top results because of its slightly higher weight. But this robust sail is probably still looking better after 10 years of full sunshine than many high-tech sail after 3 months at the North Sea”


Tested in heavy shorebreaks!



sizeluff*Recommended BroomstickAltern. Broomstick or const. flex mastboom*weight*R.R.P.
3,7365-367 (vario)370 top + 340 base370140-1473,25674 €
4,0374-376370 top + 340 base370142-1493,30686 €
4,2388-390370370145-1533,30691 €
4,5404-406400 top + 370 base400148-1573,45702 €
4,7410-412400400154-1623,55712 €
5,0419-422400400162-1703,62725 €
5,2429.5-432430 top + 400 base400164-1723,70738 €
5,5441.5-444430430169-1773,80752 €
5,8452.5-455430430173-1814,00767 €
6,1459-461430430180-1884,12784 €

Due to the efficient high aspect ratio, the sails can/have to be rigged from 0.3 to 0.7m² smaller.

*no garantee of accuracy