Windsurfer A or B – which one are you when it comes to progression?

May 3rd, 2018

We’re all different and windsurf in our own way. Read the following and see which mould fits you and your riding.

I’m learning to forward loop. Conditions are perfect. It’s sunny, with sideshore wind and small ramps. I launch and head out for my first run. Up pops a perfect lump and I boost high into the air. I should’ve pulled the trigger but there’s plenty of time for that. For now I’ll do a few runs and dial myself in. After about half an hour of blasting and jumping bliss I decide now’s the time. Heading back towards the waves I hit a small piece of chop and sheet in. Half way round I eject. Not sure why as I reckon I might’ve stuck a wet one. Popping up laughing I swim for my kit and carry on grooving in the sun. I think that’s enough forward loop training for this session. During the drive home I’m a little regretful of not trying more loops, however, that feeling fades quickly as it was still a good session and I’m stoked regardless. Two days later and I’m back on the beach, yet more wind and waves having made their presence felt. What ensues is another classic windsurf session with a few more loop attempts. I’m  getting slightly closer to landing a clean one, but still I don’t really care I’m having fun.

John Blackwell freeride

I’m learning to forward loop. Conditions are awful. It’s raining, gusty and onshore with an erratic swell. I launch and get dragged along the beach in a strong current. Fortunately I end up planing in the straps before I get taken out by the white water. Soon after a ‘sort of’ ramp appears but it’s slightly upwind. I decide to go for it anyway and foot steer up towards the apex where I launch, sheet in and…crash! Quite violently as well. Dazed I quickly waterstart and continue on. Heading back in I launch off the back of some swell which presents a better angle to the wind. Bearing off slightly I sheet in, rotate and land kind of upright – progress! The success is slightly tainted by me getting washed in to the beach with a ripped top panel of my sail. Never mind, I say to myself, re-rigging. Back on the brine and I’m going for it every run – I’m pretty much destroying myself and at the finish feel slightly beaten up. That said I can now say I’m a fully rounded (pun intended) looper. And I only get more consistent from here on in.

So which one or you? Do you err more towards sailor A or sailor B? Are you a go for it, gung ho rider or are you more reserved and happy to simply dabble with progression? To be honest there’s no right or wrong – as long as you’re enjoying each session you’re winning. If, however, you’re super keen to progress and learn maybe there’s something in what’s written above…?