How to tell from what Year a Witchcraft board is.

August 16th, 2020

How to tell from which year a Witchcraft board is. As we do not work with different shapes or graphics each year, it can be hard to tell how old a Witchcraft board is. At times we get requests from people asking us for more info about a used Witchcraft for sale on the internet, and a bit too often we found out that the Witchcraft in question was up 3 times older than the advertised age.
And also we had customers saying: “My Witchcraft is now 4 years old so I was thinking it is time to replace it.” Hmmmm, I just checked and it actually is 7 years old……. So a few years ago we started writing the month and year a board was made on the custom boards. If a board on offer does not have this information, feel free to ask us.
Our semi customs do have a serial nr. which includes the month and year it was made. See the image what it means. The serial nr is laminated into the board below a layer of glass fibre so pretty hard to remove.