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How to make a carbon boom go shorter.

This instruction is about how to make a carbon boom go shorter than original without reducing the maximum lenght. In this case a Pro Limit Team Carbon 140-190, 24.5mm, made by Aeron. With some booms, the end will slide in deeper but there are no more holes. So by adding holes, this boom can go […]

How to place footpads

Replacement pads for Witchcraft boards can be bought from our web shop. There are 2 types old (rounded) and new (squarer) in 2 sizes. Please make sure you order the right type. Peel off the old pad or use a cutter if it is stuck down too well. Remove any loose bits and rests of […]

Pre order your 2024 Witchcraft sails now to obtain 12%, 16% or 20% discount

    The allround Karma, the hard core Slayer or the blasting Elixir Witchcraft sails stand out for being powerful yet light and soft in the hands with a gradual power delivery and a locked in center of effort. You can rig smaller to have a lower weight, better handling and more durability. For 2024 we have […]


An update on this article as there has been some changes in the world tour. Since 2023 the PWA joined with the IWT and at the IWT contests also smaller brands with a smaller budget can enter. Plus now there are many more contests in different conditions and some of the new venues demand quite […]

Testing, Testing

Testing, Testing Testing is off course essential for the development of equipment. First of all you need to go out sailing to get new ideas. And these new ideas will also have to be tested properly before they are sold to customers. But there can be big differences how, what, where and who does the […]

Prior preparation for more efficient windsurfing

Time on the water with windsurfing is key – especially if you don’t live in a Trade Wind location and/or you’re not close to your chosen launch. It makes sense to therefore make sure all the Is are dotted and Ts crossed in relation to your windy kit. What are we talking about? Read on […]

A few things windsurfing can teach us…

If you’re an enthusiastic windsurfer, committed to the cause, then you’ll have developed a certain way of being over the years. As part of something we can describe as ‘randomised’ our actions breeds specific behaviour patterns. Random because of a reliance on Mother Nature certainly has its unique set of frustrations but there are positives […]

Sea Twins (Tessa & Nikki Van der Meer) sizzling summer of windsurfing – Pozo youth competition reflections

Youth wave sailors Tessa and Nikki (aka Sea Twins) had an amazing summer competing on the PWA. In particular the Pozo event (Grana Canaria Wind & Waves Festival) saw the pair achieve notable success, as well as their overall windsurfing level increase. We caught up with the girls to see how it was.

Witchcraft knowledge – windsurfing tips, tricks and info to aid progression

Over the last few months any regular follower of this blog will have noticed a whole raft of info related articles about windsurfing and your progression within the sport. If you’re looking to push on with your skills and increase your knowledge then these posts have been designed to help. Unfortunately we’re aware that things […]

Wave sailing aspiration – pitfalls to avoid and tips for improving

As we head into autumn proper in the northern hemisphere it’s a time that traditionally signals waves and wind. For experienced windsurfers it’s the best time of year. If, however, you’re still contemplating the wave arena and making the leap then consider these pitfalls.