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Pre order your 2024 Witchcraft sails now to obtain 12%, 16% or 20% discount

    The allround Karma, the hard core Slayer or the blasting Elixir Witchcraft sails stand out for being powerful yet light and soft in the hands with a gradual power delivery and a locked in center of effort. You can rig smaller to have a lower weight, better handling and more durability. For 2024 we have […]


An update on this article as there has been some changes in the world tour. Since 2023 the PWA joined with the IWT and at the IWT contests also smaller brands with a smaller budget can enter. Plus now there are many more contests in different conditions and some of the new venues demand quite […]

Testing, Testing

Testing, Testing Testing is off course essential for the development of equipment. First of all you need to go out sailing to get new ideas. And these new ideas will also have to be tested properly before they are sold to customers. But there can be big differences how, what, where and who does the […]

Still using flat windsurf sails? – the benefits of pre-shape

Witchcraft’s Bouke Becker talks about the benefits of using windsurf sails with a pre-cut shape and why generally this is better for your windsurfing. It’s also why Witchcraft sails are becoming ever more popular. Read on to find out more.

Which parameters to look at when deciding what size of a board, sail or fin(s) you need. A bit of theory.

It can be tricky to judge which size to choose when moving on to new kit. Board sizes are indicated in volume, fin sizes in cm (depth) and sail sizes in m². But is that correct? Not really and it’s not consistent either. Volumes and surfaces are hard to measure for correctness and we´ve seen […]

The Witchcraft Way – Witchcraft’s windsurfing philosophy

In times where consumerism and instant gratification is booming we regularly get frowned eyebrows when we tell people the waiting list for a new Witchcraft board is 3 to 4 months. Being used to instant gratification buying something new makes them feel good and they want it right away. Many gadgets are just a few […]

Windsurfing kit considerations – a few points to think about before making a purchase

Choosing a brand new windsurf board or quiver of windsurfing sails is never easy. There’re so many options that riders can be blinded by everything on offer. It’s even worse if you’re still progressing through the ranks and trying to figure the sport out. There are, however, a few points to consider when looking for […]

Witchcraft windsurf sail witterings with John Blackwell

Pics: Richard Whitson and Ian Guthrie. John Blackwell is the UK importer/distributor for Witchcraft windsurfing sails and board sin the UK. He also helped with input during the conceptualisation and prototyping phase of Witchcraft’s Karma and Slayer sail range. We caught up with John to find out more.

Bouke Becker – Witchcraft’s head honcho in the Q&A hot seat

Witchcraft Windsurfing’s founder, owner and shaper Bouke Becker gets put in the hot seat for this Q&A. Want to find out more about the Fuerteventura based windsurfing brand? Then read on…

Karma foiling – Windsurfing UK’s editor talks flying lessons

Windsurfing UK’s editor Tez Plavenieks recently tested Witchcraft’s Karma 5m for the magazine. Off the back of this he’s now playing with a 4.7m and 5.3m version. We recently spotted Tez getting to grips with wind foiling, both the 4.7m and 5.3m being used to good effect. Here at Witchcraft we may be known for […]