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New Shape: The Serum

July 6th, 2024 Posted by Boards No Comment yet

Since we regularly had customers who found it hard to chose between the Wave V5 and the Haka, over the last years we developed the Serum.

In the first place aimed at better riders who are looking for a board that works well in higher wind side to on shore conditions. The shape is a bit of a mix with a similar outline to the Wave V5 with the rocker line and strap positions of the Haka combined with a fairly deep double concave. With the narrower tail and outline, it is a little more tecnical than the Haka. And with the straps more back and less rocker than the Wave V5, it needs more wind power on the wave to make speed. Compared to both the Haka and Wave V5, the Serum has more control at speed and the deep double concave provides better shock absorbing properties in chop and the rail grip as comparable to the V5. As one feed back said: It feels like you are riding on air cushions.
We do not have the full range ready yet nor a specific graphics but it can be ordered as a custom board with custom graphics.