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New Model Pads



Pads small: front 50cm wide, back 36cm wide
Pads big: Front 54cm wide, back 40cm wide
Auto-adhesive with 3M PSA

Instructions to replace the pads: Use a sharp cutter blade to cut between old pad and board. Then remove any loose bits. If glue or some thin bits of pad remain stuck on the board, that does not really matter. Then we remove a strip of 4-6cm wide of the centre of the backing paper of the new pads so it is easier to position it well first. Warming the glue and board before sticking it activates the glue better. Once in position with the centre stuck down, mark where the foot strap plugs are before sticking the rest of the pad. Stick the rest of the pad down by pulling the backing paper from underneath. Hit the pad to make the glue stick well. Use a Dremel with a conical grinding stone to make the holes for the foot strap plugs through the pad. Alternatively you can also use a 4mm drill bit. Mark the drill with some tape so it does not go deeper than 24mm into the board. See here for mounting instructions.

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Small 50 x 36cm, Big 54 x 40cm