FRANCE • LIVING ON FUERTEVENTURA • On Witchcraft since 2016

Yannick is a former PWA World Cup Competitor coming from France, and specialized in wave discipline. Yannick was the first to make a double forward at the indoor event in London. Now he specializes in big wave sailing or surfing. With his experience as a PWA rider, he provides valuable feedback for the equipment.

When Yannick stopped competing on the tour, he found in Fuerteventura an ideal place to keep on sailing in world class wave riding conditions.
He also took advantage of his knowledge of the sport and started teaching, setting up his windsurf school named SAILSENSE. SAILSENSE School collaborates with WITCHCRAFT since 2016. The school runs courses for all levels from the beginner to the competitor training. The intermediates and advanced courses are provided with WITCHCRAFT sails, the wave trainings with WITCHCRAFT full equipment.


“The collaboration between SAILSENSE School and WITCHCRAFT started with wave trainings that I was providing to some sailors renting equipment at the WITCHCRAFT Test Center. Also some of my contacts were happy to rent equipment at WITCHCRAFT because it works very well and it is very strong, which is something you really have to consider when you sail in waves, especially the ones like you can find in Canary islands and Fuerteventura.

While collaborating with WITCHCRAFT for the school, I started using the equipment of the center for some sessions. And I found out that I was pretty comfortable on some boards, specially the Haka range, the 74 is my favourite.

At the same time Bouke had the project of developing sails, which I thought was a very nice thing happening in Fuerteventura.

I like to see people passionate about windsurfing, and getting involved into projects, especially in places that have such conditions to offer.

Now the WITCHCRAFT Sails are becoming successful, in the same spirit than the boards, they work very well, and they are especially well built and very strong, resisting to crashes in some pretty heavy waves. I normally use the Slayer for most wave sailing as it is more manoevrable, it allows you to get closer to the lip and lean it into the turn a bit better. I use the Karmas for my teaching or for riding very big waves. The Karma is such an powerful, easy to use, controllable sail.

Every time I go in the waves I use the equipment of the center, HDD boards that are rocks resistant and the new Slayers with Dyneema mast leaves. With this equipment I can fall in waves, swim back to the equipment and go again for another one with the minimal scratch on the equipment !

You can find Yannick and his school SAILSENSE either by contacting through Witchcraft, or by contacting directly at https://sailsense-school.com .