FROM UK • LIVING IN FUERTEVENTURA • On Witchcraft since 2003

Born in England in 1983, brought up on flat water on a lake. Now living on Fuerteventura since 2003, first working at the legendary Gibsons Restaurant, now working in construction in the mornings to sail in the afternoon

Been living out in shady Fuerte since 2003 and lovin life!

Favourite move: Aerials, one handed backloops, ankle twisters.

As a talented rookie, Will came 8th overall in 2004 in his first year in the British Triple Crown Freewave Championships. But windsurfing competition wasn´t his cup of tea and he prefers to go freesailing. Will likes to push things to the limit which makes him a perfect equipment tester.  For Will, the gnarlier the wave, the better. Not being able to sit still for long, Will also competes in motocross and Down Hill MTB on the Canary Islands and likes to toe-in surf in big waves or foil surfing.

Will rides a Custom Wave V5 80 XHDD and a Reaper 80 XHDD and uses Slayers in 5.0, 4.7 and 4.2