GRAN CANARIA • On Witchcraft since 2002

I started windsurfing when i was 11 years old. Even though i was just a small kid i managed to destroy five boards in eight years sailing in my home spot in Gran Canaria. By 2001 one buddy who lived in Fuerteventura told me about the witchcraft unbreakable boards and I ordered my first 75L custom. The board was so awesome i have been sailing only WC boards since then and changing boards just because of the evolution of the shapes.

I have always loved to jump high and land hard in strong winds so i moved to Pozo in 2010 to improve my skills. My favourite jumps are high backloops and table top pushloops. I also love the new freestyle wave riding tricks like takas or shakas and my WC board is perfect for both jumping and onshore waveriding.

In 2015 Bouke asked me to test the smaller sizes of his new sails and instantly fell in love with them so I asked him to join the WC team in both boards and sails
and I am really proud of being part of this.