(Nickname: Fiete Kielson)  GERMANY • On Witchcraft since 2013

I have started windsurfing as a kid but really got hooked when I finished school, owned a car and had the opportunity to travel to good windsurf destinations and our local spots around Kiel.

In 2013 I came to Fuerte for a week with only my surfboard and no windsurf gear. Conditions changed so I rented a witchcraft board and fell in love with it instantly. Back at Boukes shop I was still so stoked an ethusiastic about it, that he signed me up right away 🙂

Many years of sailing standard factory boards had gone by, including many repairs, a few broken boards, many replacements… before I owned my first Witchcraft board. But when I finally held it in hands, I knew: this is it. I love the performance and I value the durability and longevity! Especially when traveling it’s important that you can rely on your gear and most likely your session or trip won’t be interupted by repairs!

I’ve sailed the Wave V3, V4, V5, Shaman, Haka and Reaper. My current range is the Haka 82 for those stormy winter days, the Reaper 103 for light wind home spot sessions and the Wave V5 86 liters for everything else, escpecially when it gets epic 🙂

I had ALWAYS sailed Ezzy sails. And many years as a teamrider in Germany. When Witchcraft started to make sails, it took me a while to consider trying them out, but from the first session I loved them too 🙂 Never regreted changing. Since 2018 I sail Witchcraft Slayer 3.7-5.2 as well as Wirchcraft masts and extensions.

I enjoy to travel and explore foreign waters, jump in the camper van with my family and drive around Europe, or just have an evening session at my home spot with friends.

Favourite moves: Aerial, frontloop

Favourite spots: Weissenhaus, Hanstholm, Topocalma