BELGIUM • On Witchcraft since 2018

I windsurf since I was 11 years old on the North Sea in Belgium, so from the beginning I loved the waves. 3 times Belgium Wave champion and 2 times Belgium Masters Wave champion were my competition highlights.

Since 20 years I coach a windsurf team to inspire  other windsurfers in the waves. My job is physical education teacher so I’m lucky to have a lot of holiday and be able to travel a lot in search for wind and waves.

Most visited and favorite spots are Tenerife, Tarifa, Carro, Morocco and the French west coast. I prefer bigger waves, but don’t really need very strong winds. Onshore, offshore, port or starboard tack…from the moment I can be planing and have some waves to big waves, I have fun fun fun!

I use the Haka 78 en 90 liters.
Those boards are perfect for the conditions I mostly windsurf like north sea and Atlantic spots. 78 liters for stronger winds, and it is amazing how polyvalent and early planing the 90L is, that board does it all and…I can jump as high I want and can, no stress breaking them…it’s WITCHCRAFT 😉

In sails I use Karma 4.7 and 5.3 and Slayer 3.7 and 4.2. It’s a perfect range for my, it’s even so powerful I might think about even a smaller sail for the heavy storms we sometimes get in Belgium.

Other sponsors: Protest Boardwear and Prolimit suits and harnesses