My name is Arjon Hofman, 38 years old and living in the Netherlands (Alkmaar). Started windsurfing when I was 7 years old. Every summer my parents took all our surfequipment with us, wherever we went on Holiday. We spent most of the time in France and Croatia. Still remember the big and heavy equipment you had to deal with and the many amazing hours we spent together on the water.

When I was 13, I started planing on a lake nearby. After that I was hooked. Every minute of my spare time, I spended on that lake. This is also the place where I met most of my best friends. When we were around 15 years old, we started surfing on the ocean. Bergen aan Zee was the place to be every weekend. When we where 18 years old, we started traveling more and spended the summer months on the Canary Islands, most of the time on Fuerteventura. We rented cars, stayed in tents on the beach, worked at Corky’s surf bar and surfed the whole day. Every day we started at Witchcraft surf shop in Corralejo. Ofcourse for coffee and the weather forecasts, but also to fix our gear… Every week we had problems, so annoying. We needed stronger boards. That was the beginning of sailing Witchcraft.

A lot changed over the years. The shapes of the boards of course, but also the addition of Witchcraft sails, booms and extensions. The same philosophy here. Strong, sailing light and great handling. About the boards, you can still put in your own desire, which is great!

Still love traveling and windsurfing (Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America). For me it’s the perfect combination! You don’t want to have problems with your equipment during a trip. You need equipment you can trust and that just surfs great. This was for me the main reason I kept on sailing Witchcraft. Still loving it!