DENMARK • On Witchcraft since 2012

Living in the southern part of Denmark on an island called Funen, sailing mostly freestyle and wave. Working as a windsurf instructor at Oure Sports College and studying to become a teacher.

My dad taught me how to windsurf when i was around 15 and since then it has been one of my biggest passions in life. I love traveling with my friends, being on the water and sharing the good times windsurfing gives us, whether it is a trip to the other side of the world a short session at a local spot.

One of my favorite Freestyle areas is Sotavento on Fuerteventura, and this is where i first tried the Witchcraft freestyleboards and i would really like to go back to this place again! My favorite board is the Ouija94, it is perfect for the many freestyle spots around the area where i live.

I chose to sail with Witchcraft boards because the boards I had before were too fragile. I like to have a board that i can trust and that should not be changed after one season. It seems more sustainable, to me too.
I use the Haka 82 and Reaper 87 for waves and Ouija 94 for freestyle, witch is the perfect combo for the many different conditions we get here in Cold Hawaii! 🙂
When i started sailing more waves than freestyle i switched my freestyle sails for the Witchcraft sail Slayer, and that has changed my wavesailing to a better experience and luckily for me, they work really well for freestyle too!