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This is a board order inquiry page. You can’t place a direct order here. We have a waiting list for board production. This is usually from 2 to 6 months so we need to inform you about the delivery time and delivery costs. You can find the pricing of the boards here.
After you agree, a 50% deposit is mandatory to confirm the order, the rest when the board is ready to be shipped.

If you need consulting about which board or size to order, please contact us with as many details as possible: Your level, weight, skills, the conditions and location you sail in, the sail model and sizes you want to use on it, the board it needs to replace and what you would like improved, do you have other boards alongside, etc. etc. In order to provide you with the best advice possible we need to know as much as possible about your sailing.

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The Ouija is Witchcraft´s dedicated freestyle board. Shorter, wider, fatter and faster.  The Ouija V3 has become shorter and wider with a thicker tail. There is also a new faster rockerline that provides more pop. The contoured deck shape in the strap area has been redesigned for better switch stance sailing. The Ouija V3 is more explosiv, rotates faster in the air, ideal for moves like the spinloop or Burner. The compact shapes also carve faster on the water which helps moves like Shakas or Konos, when you need to turn in the wind quickly. The increased volume in the tail makes that you plane earlier and have more pop. The faster rockerline accelerates faster and reaches a higher top end speed.


Ouija V4 Freestyle            
ModelVolumelengthwidthTailwidth OFOconstructionweight SDTweight CBCweight FCBCFin systemFin Sail rangeSDT in €CBC in €HDD in €
Ouija802063606404FCBC/SDT6.46.15.8US boxwithout fin3.2-5.0207122372485
Ouija862095621412FCBC/SDT6.66.36,0US boxwithout fin3.2-5.0210222702522
Ouija942151643422FCBC/SDT7,06.66.3US boxwithout fin3.5-5.2214223132571
Ouija1022201660425FCBC/SDT7.36.96.6US boxwithout fin4.0-5.8218323572619
Ouija1102242680434FCBC/SDT7.67.26.8US boxwithout fin4.5-6.2222324012668
Ouija1182284699458FCBC/SDT7.97.57.1US boxwithout fin5.0-6.7226424452716

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