Custom Guarantee Conditions



  1. For the SDT, CBC, FCBC constructions, the garantee covers failure of workmanship or materials for the period of 1 year. We make these constructions strong enough for normal use, however these constructions are not unbreakable for all persons in all conditions and since Witchcraft has no means of control over this, no claims can be made on failure of the construction itself caused by impact, overload or fatigue.
  2. For the HDD construction the garantee covers failure of workmanship, materials and construction for the period of 18 months.
  3. For the HDD construction the garantee covers failure of workmanship, materials and construction for the period of 24 months.
  4. Witchcraft tries to prevent impact damage as much as technically possible but it is impossible to prevent ALL impact damage therefore impact damage is not covered by the guarantee unless it is clear there was a production mistake.
  5. It is the client´s responsibility to check the condition and proper functioning of his/her board, no claims can be made for damages caused (for example water intake) by sailing with a damaged board.
  6. Only Witchcraft or by a by Witchcraft authorized workshop can deal with claims and Witchcraft should be contacted immediately in the case of a claim. Witchcraft has the right to handle the claim (repair or replace the board) to it´s own judgement.
  7. It is the clients responsibility to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures that may cause delamination or other damages to the board. After the final lamination all boards have been tempered at a temperature of 60°C. No claims due to exposure higher than 60°C can be made (Please be aware that under special circumstances much higher temperatures can be achieved). It is the client´s responsibility to operate the valve appropiately and to check proper functioning. Only if it is clearly a case of failure of workmanship or material, claims can be made.
  8. Guarantees are subject to the general conditions under spanish law.



No special maintenance is necessary other than regularly checking condition and proper functioning of the board and its components

  • In case of damage due to impact 
    Dings can be locally heated out due to the fact that the sandwichmaterial used has memory at a temperature of +/-80°C, use a hairdryer, hot water or a paintstripper (caution: delaminating may occur at temperatures over 120°C) and take your time to let the heat pass through the laminate into the sandwich material. Deeper dings may not dissapear completely, cosmetically they can be repaired with bodyfiller and paint. Make sure that a deeper ding does not weaken the construction.
  • Strong Impacts
    On stronger impacts the thin finish layer of glassfibre, covering the Dyneema cloth, may crack. Apart from some real extreme cases, the Dyneema cloth underneath is very unlikely to break but to prevent water intake through any hair cracks there may be we strongly advice to seal it off with some superglue/cyanacrylate. This is very liquid and goes into any haircrack there may be, is the quickest drying, transparent and no problem for a proper repair later on. Like this you can keep on sailing till there is time to properly repair the broken glass fibre.
  • Ask us 
    If there are any doubts, always feel free to contact us for information however it can be dificult to make a diagnosis by distance and no claims can be made in the case of wrong advice.