Efficient footstrap setting for waves, freestyle and beyond

August 15th, 2017

When windsurfers discovered the benefits of footsraps back in the 80s the door was literally broken down for all manner of aerial shenanigans, as well as more locked in feels that would benefit those who love a cranking carve.


Next season Witchcraft sails at last season prices! Pre-order discounts available now!

August 8th, 2017

Fancy getting hold of some of the smoothest and most bomb proof sails on the market? Witchcraft sails have been developed with the harshest windsurfing conditions in mind at some of the most brutal windsurfing spots around. So, smooth and effortless to use with unsurpassed durability. If this sounds up your street then read on…


Five windsurfing travel destinations to get your juices flowing

July 31st, 2017

What’s not to love about a windsurf trip? Warm water, sunny weather with wind and waves in abundance (fingers crossed). But where to head? Here we run down a bunch of hot windsurfing destinations – some long standing, some new – to help guide you on your way to getting gone.


What connects all windsurfers – the bliss of blasting

July 25th, 2017

Do you remember the first time you slotted feet into footstraps, felt your board lift and accelerate and before long were skimming across the water’s surface, grinning from ear to ear? It’s the very reason we’re all addicted to windsurfing and why we still keep coming back for more.


Witchcraft’s five (simple) windsurfing jumps to rock star status

July 19th, 2017

Fancy being the stand out sailor at your local spot but don’t want your life insurance premiums to ramp up? Have no fear, here are five simple enough windsurfing jumping moves that can be performed across a wide range of conditions seeing you attain rock star status in no time.


Karma foiling – Windsurfing UK’s editor talks flying lessons

July 14th, 2017

Windsurfing UK’s editor Tez Plavenieks recently tested Witchcraft’s Karma 5m for the magazine. Off the back of this he’s now playing with a 4.7m and 5.3m version. We recently spotted Tez getting to grips with wind foiling, both the 4.7m and 5.3m being used to good effect. Here at Witchcraft we may be known for making hard wearing wave sails (and boards) but this pricked our interest. As such we wanted to find out more.


HDD constructions now offer 24 months guarantee!

September 15th, 2016

Due to high demand it is now possible to order a semi custom board with a color change or custom deck graphics. Prices upon request.

BTW, did you know that:

Our CBC, FCBC, HDD and XHDD constructions offer the best strength to weight ratio technically possible. Even if you would be willing to pay more?

Due to the much higher durability, Witchcraft boards are the most environmentally friendly boards available. Or should we say, the least damaging?


Internship 2017

December 30th, 2015

For 2017 we have an internship placement available for coming engineers. One project is to do a full research on the total environmental impact of windsurf boards, comparing various production and construction methods including the new bio resins and foams.
Also we have an internship available for web and social media marketing students.

Sails available to demo

December 6th, 2015

The sails are now available to demo from: Sailrepair.co.ukBoardrepair.nl, TWS Tenerife, Cutre Pozo, Witchcraft Fuerte.
Please contact them to organise a demo session.

Introducing The Haka

November 24th, 2015

The Haka is a new wave shape designed for rougher wave conditions, to fill the gap between the Wave (for the better quality waves) and Shaman (on shore and jumping) and for general high wind wave sailing conditions. A bit more conventional shape with a double concave a slightly rounder rails to make it less direct and smoother when the water state is rough. (more…)