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SR Fins


Based on the Witchcraft pre twisted side fins but with added toe-in angle to suit boards with zero to 0,8° toe-in angle in the boxes. Minituttle fin base. Suits boards like Quatro, Goya and JP multifin boards up to 2022. Material: Orange G10
So far we had great feedback from fins we had modified for other brands. Everything becomes better: up wind, speed, tighter turning with more precision, grip, speed and drive. “Amazing”, “unbelievable” were some of the comments. They come in 11.5 (for quads or small tri fins), 12.5 (for bigger quads or medium sized tri fins) or 13.5 for bigger tri fins. These fins do not increase drag and give more drive so especially on tri fins you can use 3 fairly equal sized fins, for example we replaced the original 19cm centre fin plus 11cm side fins on a Quatro Pyramid 96 for 13.5 side fins with a 14cm Witchcraft centre fin. But also on quads they improve performance. They do not work on Witchcraft boards as there will be too much toe-in. See for more information on the working: or here:

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11.5, 12.5, 13.5