Pre-Order sails: 15% Discount

October 24th, 2015

As a kind of crowdfunding, Witchcraft Sails are now available to pre-order with a discount of 15%. The deadline is the 15th of april, delivery in june. For ordering more sails, please inquire by email for the discount. With allready having a lot of brands on the market, we still think these sails are unique and bring quite a few elements that did not exist yet, both in sailing performance and in construction, functionality and durability. Read on below.



A brief info on the sails:

The Slayer is a 4 batten specialist wave riding sail. Coming from 13 years on very deep sails (Ezzy) we have been reducing the profile depth to about half on the 5.0. In this the Slayer fills the gap between Ezzy and flatter cut sails (pretty much all other brands), giving the best of both worlds. From there we also used thinner batten tips to allow the sail to still deliver a lot of power in light winds but it can also depower to next to nothing and can also be set flat and loose for higher winds. The range has proven to be very big, we tested the 5.0 in winds from 8knots float n ride to 26 knots cross on shore jumping conditions. From feedback from Pozo, the profile depth also morphs through the range, the smaller the size the less shape, the 4.0 is pretty flat. The easiest way to save weight on the bigger sizes is to downsize. The leach is normally set neutral to favor wave riding. The Slayer is best paired with our Wave or Haka waveboards.

The construction is about the best possible. There is lots of Kevlar X-ply and all panels are layed out into the forcelines, similar to Avanti and Severne Pro but less cost intensive, much more puncture resistant and much easier to repair if necesary. All seams are double and running along the stress lines and are not put randomly across the sail for optical reasons. Also at the clew and tack, the joining panels widen again to overlap and create the reinforcement by the panels itself rather than being stuck on.
The Slayer has a dacron luff panel for a more flexible shape and a small PVC window which does not go blind like monofilm or X-ply does. The window is placed in the neutral area where the harness lines are mounted with all the forces guided around it so does not suffer from stretching. Visibility of the wave is simply essential for wave riding.
We skipped the use of the thin scrims, used by many brands nowadays. We had it in some prototypes but found the film too thin, allready after a short while there were little holes and dents and it stretched noticably so we used a medium thick scrim which was specially imported from Germany and adds about 60grams to the sail. Especially the orange version is very bright, very noticable on the water.

The Karma is our 5 batten allround on shore wave/blasting sail. A lot of the features of the Slayer are also used in the Karma. The differences are: The centre of effort slightly lower with a slightly looser leach, a more stable shape with a similar depth as the Slayer, again morphing through the range. The construction is similar but no PVC or dacron to have a more stable shape and less weight. The Karma works best with our Chakra, Shaman or Haka boards.

The sails were developed with the help of John Blackwell of Sailrepair.co.uk.

The sails rig on most constant curve RDM masts with a 62.5-64/75.5-76.5 bend curve, like most masts, MaverX, Ezzy, etc. In time we are also bringing out a 90% HD Witchcraft mast which we are testing now.

Please be aware that these prices are based on the current exchange rate of Euro to Dollar which has dropped some 30% in value over the last year so all sails (and most products from Asia) will see a significant price increase.